Monday, August 19, 2013

Daily Witty Post

Here is my first ever daily witty post! The last one didn't count because it was just an intro. So here goes.

I forgot one part of who I am in my intro. I am a pet owner as well. We are the owners of Blaze, the 10 month old Pit Bull, and Marley, the 2 year old cat. Both are boys. Both are neutured. Marley is a freaking awesome cat. He's a warrior, out in the yard killing birds, and I've never seen a single mouse in our house, which is absolute heaven for me because the creepy little nasty things freak me out horribly. We never have any issues with him, as long as we fill his bowl with food, he just comes and goes as he pleases and does his own thing. Blaze is a little more high maintenance, but he's a pretty good dog overall.

When he's not chewing HOLES in every single fricken mattress in the house!!

This is the only issue we have with him. We try to keep bedroom doors shut but with two kids, that's not always practical. And it's like every single time a door gets left open, he's in there chewing away as quickly as he can before he gets noticed. He reminds me of a damn drunk trying to sneak in some drinks on his lunch break or something. He has to quickly get his mattress fix before someone catches him!! We have tried everything to break him of this. We got him fixed (well, that wasn't the only reason we got him fixed but everyone said that would help). We use the bitter spray. We buy him lots and lots of chew toys. We've been making sure he has plenty of time outside to burn off energy. I don't know what else to do!! Please, anyone have any ideas? Help me save my sanity! And getting rid of the dog is not an option. He is my children's pet and a part of the family. In this family, we work together through problems! Even if my hair gets pulled out in the process......

I got home from work tonight a little after 9, my husband was still at work and grandma was babysitting. She told me they hadn't had dinner yet. So. This mommy of the year popped a can of ravioli's open and called the kids to the table. I'll have to share one of my winning dinners with you guys later in the week. There was no time or energy for all that tonight. I guess I should be going to bed now, since I have to be to work at the crack of dawn tomorrow, which is not good, since I am usually a third shifter.

I doubt I'll have anything good tomorrow, because I work 6:30-2:30 and then  I have to be back to work at midnight so I gotta sleep in between. It kinda sucks because it's my husbands only day off this week, and I was supposed to have the day off too, so I was looking forward to spending the day with him. But an extra 16 hours, on a day where I don't have to find a babysitter? I can't turn that down.

I'll try to think of something to pop in and talk about.

Good night all!

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